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    Credit Rating

    What is my credit rating?

    Your credit rating/score is an estimation of how likely you are to pay your bills in full and on time. It is a number which ranges from 300 to 900, which is the best possible score. A poor credit rating will affect your ability to qualify for loans, get a mortgage, and sign up for certain services like cell phone plans. Missing loan/credit card or cell phone payments, for example, will negatively impact your rating.

    What companies conduct credit checks?

    Financial institutions or companies, and companies who offer post-paid services (e.g. wireless service providers — cable, cell phone, internet, etc.; some utility companies); Sometimes landlords/potential employers may also ask to check your credit. Generally, credit checks are done as a risk-assessment of you as a customer/client/tenant/employee. If you have a bad credit rating, some companies may refuse to do business with you, or may only do so under certain conditions.

    What are my rights around credit checks?

    How do I check my credit rating?

    How do I improve my credit rating?

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